SaraPEPP™ Nu

Be focused – stay smart

SaraPEPP™ Nu is a unique extract sourced from Timut Pepper, available as liquid (MCT-oil) and powder. Clinical results demonstrate strong boosting effect on cognition and mental performance. This makes SaraPEPP™ Nu the perfect ingredient for nootropic and brain anti-aging products for food supplements, functional foods, beverages and sport products.


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​​​​​​Mode of Action

SaraPEPP™ Nu increases the neurotransmitter release in our brain, such as of dopamine or acetylcholine. Their function is to act as chemical messengers between neurons. Through this mechanism, SaraPEPP™ Nu can help to improve mental performance and attention. Whether during the later stages of life as these transmitters decline or for stressed working professionals and students, SaraPEPP™ Nu can help to support cognitive function.



  • cognition enhancer
  • nootropics
  • eSport and eGamers nutrition
  • stress resistance
  • brain anti-aging

Clinical Results

Daily intake of SaraPEPP™ Nu significantly improved the cognitive function, attention, working memory and neural efficacy. This result was demonstrated in a placebo-controlled clinical trial with healthy mid-age volunteers after acute and chronic intake of SaraPEPP™ Nu. Furthermore, after an intensive cognitive assessment test volunteers mentioned a clear reduction in mental fatigue compared to the placebo group indicating a higher stress resistance.

Plant Source

Timut Pepper grows on shrubs in the southern edge of the Himalaya. They are being sun-dried after harvesting and thanks to its zesty, grapefruit-like flavor, they are also used as a spice for traditional dishes. It is rich in alkylamides, a compound class present in plants, which has been reported to have many different potential mechanisms to improve brain activity.