Sustainability as added value for our customers

Our sustainability commitment is established in the core business and is being systematically developed further. Our customers thus gain the certainty that their products are always up-to-date ecologically. In addition to the pure product performance, we as a supplier and service provider thus also improve the sustainability performance of our customers, e.g. through improvement of the ecological footprint of their products, and thus pave the way for the long-term entrepreneurial success of our business partners.

Our Sustainabiliy Commitment is available to download in the download section. Find more about our sustainability approaches on the Mibelle Group website.

Our mother comany, the Migros Group is pursuing the 1.5 °C target. All Migros Group companies have set themselves ambitious milestones for 2030 in order to be net-zero by 2050 at the latest and therefore no longer emit any greenhouse gases. 

The targets have been explicitly validated by the internationally recognised Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This means that the Migros Group is compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement and is committed to limiting global warming to 1.5 °C.


Our 7 Targets 2025

Seven target areas have been defined where we want to achieve continuous improvements with targeted measures.

  • CLIMATE AND ENERGY: 98% renewable energy e.g. electricity from hydropower, heat from wood-fired heating plants.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: Less incinerated waste, production of energy from waste (incineration, biocompost gas plant).
  • RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYER:  40% of leadership positions are occupied by women
  • SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT: We are certified according to ISO 14001. We also require suppliers to have an environmental management system in place.
  • RAW MATERIALS: 100% of our suppliers meet our standards. We source as locally as possible to avoid long delivery routes and we pay fair prices.
  • RODUCTS: We have doubled the amount of NATRUE and COSMOS approved products.
  • PACKAGING: 100% of the packaging is recyclable.
our targets
Social Responsibility

Our People are our Success

The quality of our products should guarantee enjoyment and promote good health. We promote public values such as fairness, integration and
equality. In short, we are passionately committed to improving quality of life for our customers, our employees, and our suppliers – farmers in particular.
We remunerate on the basis of performance, fairly and reasonably. We promote and support basic and continuing training. We strengthen social development and promote team spirit. We also expect the same high standards of our working conditions from our suppliers towards their employees. The requirements for the attainment of our goals are good working conditions that Mibelle Group, as a progressive employer, strives to create (social pioneering). Social fairness and qualified employees are the direct positive consequence of this. 

Economic success and responsibility towards cooperative members, society and the environment are inextricably linked at Migros. Based on the group values of "credibility" and "sense of responsibility", Migros has therefore laid down the most important rules of conduct in a binding code of conduct for its employees. This code of conduct applies to all employees belonging to Migros and is therefore also binding for Mibelle Biochemistry.

At Mibelle Biochemistry, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering – across all of our work around the world. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing world.

Sustainable Production and Local Sourcing


In 2008, Mibelle Biochemistry has developed a novel plant cell culture technology (PhytoCellTec™) that enables the large-scale cultivation of callus (stem) cells from rare and protected plant species, such as Malus Domestica. Sustainability facts on the PhytoCellTec™ technology:

  • Protection of the biodiversity and preservation of rare and protected plants: An extremely small amount of plant material (e.g. a fruit or a leaf) is needed to establish a plant stem cell line.
  • No competition for space: Agricultural land remains available for the cultivation of food as no valuable cultivated land is required for the production of bio mass.
  • Significantly reduced water consumption compared to the conventional cultivation of plants.
  • 100% naturally pure: No use of fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals.
  • Completely free of genetic engineering / GMO


The PhytoCellTec™ technology, which was recognized at the Rio20+ Sustainability Conference 2012 in Brazil as an Eco breakthrough, delivers a highly sustainable sourcing of this active. For further information: PhytoCellTec™.

Mibelle has an ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management system.


Local Sourcing

Nature is our daily inspiration for creating new innovative ingredients. Often, new ideas are right on our doorstep. We always seek to source ingredients locally and are proud to offer a big selection of ingredients sourced in our beautiful home country, Switzerland. We offer more than 10 local, Swiss-sourced ingredients in our portfolio.