cm glucan nu

CM-Glucan Nu

Guarding the immune system – protecting from allergies

CM-Glucan Nu is a highly purified, yeast-derived, and water-soluble version of ß-Glucan. The benefit of CM-Glucan on the immune response was demonstrated in several clinical studies. This makes CM-Glucan Nu the perfect ingredient for immune supporting products for nutraceuticals, food supplements and functional foods.


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Mode of Action

ß-Glucan has extraordinary immune enhancing capabilities. It acts as an “immune trainer” and supports the body defense system through rebalancing the ratio of the Th1/Th2 helper cells. These cells are also called lymphocytes and are one of the body’s main types of immune cells. This improvement results in a reduced production of specific antibodies, responsible for the oversensitive reaction of the immune system caused by airborne allergens, dust, or animal hair.


  • Immune booster  
  • Allergy and sinus support 
  • Anti-pollution  
  • Detox and stress relief 
  • Cough and cold remedies 

Clinical Results

Supplementation with CM-Glucan Nu significantly reduced cytokine release in subjects suffering from allergic rhinitis, helping to rebalance the immune system. Furthermore, symptoms related to allergic rhinitis significantly improved, as well as a favorable increase in microbiota Akkermansia muciniphila was observed.  

Biological source

The source of CM-Glucan Nu is the polysaccharide ß-Glucan from baker’s yeast commonly used in baking bread. Through a special process, called carboxymethylation, the poorly water-soluble and hence badly absorbable ß-Glucan is being transformed into the highly soluble CM-Glucan. 

  • Significant reduction of nasal symptoms during allergic rhinitis (Andaya, 2015)
  • Reduced nasal symptoms through pollen-induced allergic rhinitis (Miraglia et al, 2014)


This product is not suitable for EU markets.

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