How to formulate Winter Cosmetic Products with Trimoist™ KMF

Cold and dry winter air can be very hard on our skin. Learn more about our active ingredient Trimoist™ KMF, and why it's great for formulating winter cosmetics.

The cold and dark season has a great impact not only on nature but also on our everyday habits. When the sun isn't shining and we can't enjoy the snow, we retreat to our comfort zone with a book, print or online media. Deeply relaxed, we then let ourselves be infused with information, forgetting the Christmas stress and the iciness that awaits us outside. Magazines and beauty blogs currently love to report on beauty product trends and new care rituals from all over the world.

We know that winter cosmetics are important, and that they are different from summer products is also nothing new. So, what else can I tell you about this subject that isn't already known?

Trimoist™ KMF

Trimoist™ KMF is not a new product, but what does the term “biomimetic” mean again? Let me explain.

This active ingredient is a blend of lamellar lipids, moisturizers, an anti-aging ingredient and our famous CM-Glucan. A 3-step moisturizing system that balances your skin by imitating the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Thus, Trimoist™ KMF is exactly what the skin needs, especially in winter.

But what's even more exciting is that the active ingredient is really easy to work with. It is a viscous, white cream gel. Therefore, you can simply mix it into an existing, stable cosmetic product. Make sure that your product is at room temperature, that the emulsifier system is sufficiently present and that it is electrolyte stable.

The range of formulation possibilities is awesome. Based on a gel with a liquid emulsifier, fluids and serums can be created. In combination with an O/W emulsifier system and vegetable oils, lotions for all parts of the body can be produced. The formulation of butters is also possible: simply use a proven W/O base and work in the Trimoist™ KMF

Prototype formulation: Winter Hand Cream

As inspiration, I provide you a hand cream. Especially on cold days our hands need and deserve more care. The emulsion consists of a nourishing vegetable oil, two butters and nordic barley starch, which leaves the skin feeling slightly powdery and non-greasy. This also ensures that you don’t leave stains on the print or online media you are reading.

So let yourself be surprised about how easy and multifaceted the development work is with our Trimoist™ KMF.

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Have fun formulating!

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Written by

Antje Düring