New Launch: MossCellTec™ Aloe


A few years ago, Mibelle Biochemistry launched MossCellTec™ No.1, a ground-breaking innovative ingredient and the first active ingredient from biotechnologically produced moss. Now we have succeeded in creating another active ingredient based on this technology, and we are proud to announce our new launch MossCellTec™ Aloe.

MossCellTec™ Aloe is based on our MossCellTec™ technology which allows for the sustainable large-scale production of Aloina aloides moss extract. This rare and tiny moss species has a high water retention capacity and it is also known as aloe-moss.

MossCellTec™ Aloe improves cell-to-cell communication via connexin channels, optimally evens the moisture distribution in the skin and reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles.

Benefits of MossCellTec™ Aloe:

  • Improves hydration evenness
  • Activates cell-to-cell communication
  • Fades away signs of aging
  • Comforts dry skin


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Christine Meier
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Christine Meier