Make way for the INDIE’s!

When working in the beauty industry, you have probably come across the term of Indie Brands many times over the last few years. These mostly still young cosmetics brands are increasingly conquering the market.

What makes a brand an indie brand then? Let's have a look at it together.

The Beauty & Personal Care Market has definitely taken a hit since the pandemic, but it continues to rise steadily YOY, since 2020. Although women started to change their beauty routines with more time to focus on themselves at this time, Skincare and Personal care are still the leader segments compared to Cosmetics and Fragrances.

We all know there are a few legacy brands that have held the Top 5 spots for many years, targeting luxury and mass markets with their wide portfolios.  However, it’s time for a new leader…

Make way for the INDIE’s!  What? Who? Why?

WHAT: Indie brands by definition are any independently opened company, initially funded by its founder/team.

WHO: Indie brands can be founded by anyone: influencers, stay-at-home moms, working moms/dads, industry experts…

WHY: There are 5 main qualities of an Indie brand:

  1. PURPOSE: There is a mission to target a niche untapped audience. The founder can be sharing a solution to a personal issue they have encountered through their life and want to share the solution with others. They feel there is an unmet need on the market which must be solved.
  2. INDEPENDANTLY FUNDED: Usually funded by founder/co-founders, which can be beneficial, as it can allow them to move at their own pace, and form unique partnerships to raise capital as needed.
  3. Emphasis on DESIGN/QUALITY
  4. SMALL OPERATION: Production is usually outsourced, no overhead: small batches, limited storage space needed.
  5. NON-TRADITIONAL MARKETING/SELLING: Create their own website, use social media platforms/influencers to launch brand, obtain following. Sell DTC (Direct to consumer)
Strategy for Indie Brands

However, with any new venture, you need to:

  • Set TargetsRecently launched INDIE brand have included connections to: Inclusivity, Minimalism, Traditions (Ayurvedic medicine), Dark Skin/Hair Issues
  • Overcome StrugglesSmall team = small resources; Cost Constraints; Changing Regulations. The need to rely on independent platforms (Regulatory, Safety, Sustainability, etc.) to help place their beauty brand on the market.
  • Define Strategy

There are usually 3 aspects that tend to make a successful INDIE brand.

  • COMFORT: Make the product comfortableSimplicity; Focus; Multi-functional, Ease-of-use
  • CUSTOMIZE: Create the possibility of customization: Target needs; Accept changing needs; Develops loyalty
  • CONNECT:  Relate to the customer on a deeper level with a social cause: Self-acceptance; Mental Health Awareness; Age-specific; Gender-neutral

Brands focusing on at least 1 of these aspects, or a combination of them, have the formula to succeed.

INDIE brands have broken the norm and become leaders in the beauty market. Mibelle Biochemistry provides a large portfolio of plant-based active ingredients, backed by science, to create a one-stop shop for INDIEs to grow their brand. We have global distribution partners, and relationships with direct customers in prominent markets.

We are the ultimate partner for INDIE brands.