Looking back on a very successful in-cosmetics Global 2023 exhibition

This year’s in-cosmetics global 2023 was held from March 28th until March 30th in Barcelona and was a huge success for us! The highlight for all of us was the win of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient GOLD Award for our ingredient CALMandrin™. 

The trade fair week started with the traditional distributor meeting that was held in a traditional brewery in Barcelona – the Fàbrica Moritz. The perfect opportunity for to share the news about our brand-new ingredient launch TiMOOD™ and re-connecting with everybody ahead of the show. The following three days of exhibition were filled with lots of interesting meetings, exciting project discussions and networking opportunities. We have introduced TiMOOD™ to the market, our new cosmetic active ingredient with neuroactive power. TiMOOD™ is based on timut pepper, a spice plant from the Himalayas and it can improve neuronal function in the skin and thereby increase skin homogeneity. Moreover, TiMOOD™ positively influences one’s mood and emotional wellbeing. 

The best part of the first day was the award ceremony, that took place after the exhibition halls closed for the visitors. We were overwhelmed when we received the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient GOLD award for our inflammaging active CALMandrin™. But there were even more exciting things waiting for us. On the same night, we were also awarded two gold BSB awards: CALMandrin™ was ranked 1st in the category “Natural Products/Raw Materials/Actives and our natural alternative to retinol NovoRetin™ was ranked 1st in the category “Cosmetics/Raw Materials/Actives”. 

Where there might have been some restraints last year after the pandemic, this year there was no sign of it. It was an absolute pleasure that we were also able to welcome customers and partners from the Asian countries again this year. Thanks to everybody that visited us at our booth, the continued support and valuable partnerships.

See you in Paris 2024, 16th – 18th April!

Incos collage
Written by

Aline Bartels