Hand sanitizers and post-treatments

The Corona virus crisis has had an extreme impact on the demand of hand sanitizer: Major cosmetics manufacturers focus on the production of hand cleaners/disinfectants.

As probably the need for hand sanitizer is going to stay in the long term, a differentiation in this segment will certainly become apparent soon. There is a need for active ingredients that protect and moisturize the skin and restore the microflora faster after washing.

Skin problems related to frequent sanitizing and washing
  • Irritation & Dryness: Using alcohol-based products or frequent washing can lead to dry and irritated skin, disturbing the natural defense barrier of the skin.
  • Sensitive skin: As the barrier function is impaired, the skin becomes more prone to irritations, itchiness and atopic skin conditions.
  • Impaired Microbiome: Alcohol kills not only the bad bacteria, but also the good ones and therefore is harming the natural microflora of the skin and impairs its barrier function.
  • Aging skin: Dry skin is more likely to develop fine lines,  wrinkles and other ageing issue

Mibelle Biochemistry has a variety of products to offer for matching products:

For hand sanitizer and liquid soap:


For post-treatment care:

In cooperation with Venomtech, Mibelle Biochemistry has launched a Soothing Post-Sanitizer Hand Cream with SensAmone P5. It is the perfect after-care for dry skin due to the frequent use of hand sanitizer. The rich formulation with SensAmone P5 calms sensitive skin and reduces skin irritation. It is quickly absorbed and delivers immediate comfort for your hands.

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