Absolute  volume, luscious feel

LIPerfection is a purified extract of organic mustard sprouts, which increases the volume and the hydration of the lips.

Sinalbin, a pungent flavor compound is the major phytonutrient in yellow mustard sprouts. It is known to increase the capillary blood flow and to cause thereby redness.

LIPerfection was shown to boost cutaneous blood micro-circulation, plump the lips and increase lip hydration after a single application. LIPerfection can thus improve the look, the definition and the color of lips.

Claims with LIPefection
•  Plumps and instantly hydrates lips
•  Reduces appearance of fine lines
•  Gives the lip area a fuller and firmer look
•  Adds natural definition to the lips, enhancing their shape and color
•  For smooth and juicy lips

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